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What is Seamoss?

Seamoss or Irish moss is a species of red algae seaweed, not a moss, high in iodine and made up of 92 of the 108 minerals the body needs.


Some call it Nature’s collagen. Why? 


It’s helps to promote collagen in the body as well as nourish your entire being.


Why is iodine good for you?

Iodine is a gas and an element that is required by many parts of our body. It's utilized by every cell in the body and requires a significant amount of intake to keep our health in balance.

We’re exposed to toxins in so many realms of life. When you look at the chemical/heavy metal ratio that enters the body in comparison to iodine, we are are lacking iodine sufficiency tremendously. 

According to Dr. Group of the Global Health Center, Iodine deficiencies also cause cystic diseases in the body.

It’s needed by the immune system so the white blood cells can fight off diseases.

It elevates the PH in the body, and again, seamoss is HIGH in iodine.


Who should drink our

Seamoss  Drinks?

-Anyone looking to intake plenty of nutrients

-Individulas deficient in iodine

-Health enthusiasts

-Individuals with thyroid deficiencies

-One interested in boosting their immune system


* We aren't doctors , we just let Nature do the healing.*


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