Guava Bee Pollen Drink

Guava Bee Pollen Drink

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I come in 3's (3 bottles per order)

Guava is extraordinarily rich in Vitamin C, increases thyroid health due to its high source of copper. This elements helps to control hormone production and absorption. Guava is a Vitamin B3 and B6 packed fruit increasing blood flow and stimulating cognitive response.

Bee Pollen ( an excellent energy enhancer) is made by honey bees and is the food of the young bees. Bee gathered pollen are rich in proteins (approx 40%) protein. Richer than any animal source and contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight.

Seamoss is an anti aging sea vegetable! Also a great source in potassium chloride, a nutrient that dissolves phlegm in mucous membrane, ridding of infections preventing pneumonia/colds, and flu.

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