Moringa Rose Tea

Moringa Rose Tea


I can be used for a drink or hair rinse!


Moringa Rose Chamomile tea: a sweet delightful scent with amazing energetic benefits.

Moringa is a sanskrit word for, "knowledge of the heavens". The seeds, the flowers, and leaves of the Moringa tree are used by many to maintain their level of good health. Customers that drink our tea report higher energy levels, better sleep, stable blood sugar/blood pressure, better digestion, and pain relief due to reduced inflammation.


Chamomile is a great hair dandruff treatment, controls diabetes, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, and antiseptic properties help clear skin irritations such as eczema, acne, and allergies.


Rose acts as a natural aphrodisiac, aids in weightless, anti wrinkle agent, relieves stress/depression with its scent which produces a sedative effect. High in fiber it aids in digestion by flushing toxins in the body. While its anti bacterial properties help dry acne.

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